Our CCTV system has been developed with the future in mind – while delivering it today

The 4eyez mobile CCTV system is completely solid state and therefore has no moving parts. By having the video codecs in the camera head hardware, it allows for the system unit to be ultra small without affecting reliability. 4eyez operates around 2,000 units in the market and will be looking to double this in the next 12 months, knowing that through its design and manufacture will deliver to its customers ultra reliability and value for money.

We have a policy of replacing systems should any issues arise, thus reducing the time away from work for the customer. The faulty/failed product is brought back to our workshop for examination. We have in-depth product knowledge and to date we have identified and resolved just three issues where components have failed. Our continuous ongoing product R&D, means that we at 4eyez are always striving to make the product better, more reliable and to always be the drivers’ reliable witness.

If a product does fail, it is broken down to its core components and examined for reasons why the failure occurred. This helps our designers to make better and even more reliable products for the future. This also helps installers offer a better installation.